My name is Dr. Hans Keirstead and my home is the 48th Congressional District of California.

I’m running for Congress because through my work in medicine and business I have learned that innovative thinking is needed to inspire change. I revolutionized the treatment of spinal cord injuries by re-thinking how cells are developed and used as treatment, which allowed people to regain movement and sensation to limbs that were previously paralyzed. This same lateral approach can be used in Washington to fix our systemic problem of gridlock with innovative outside-the-box techniques.

Our son is seven years old and my wife and I are raising him in Orange County for a reason.  The beauty of the coast, the quality of the schools, and the spirit of innovation make it the perfect home. We love it here, but there are irresponsible politicians in Washington making reckless decisions based on partisan politics rather than evidence and scientific fact — and it has affected all who call this place home.

Congressman Rohrabacher is a part of a culture in which politicians look out for each other first and no one is held accountable. He has left our community behind to become a career politician. Instead of representing the best of Orange County, he has embarrassed us on the national stage, ignored scientific facts, short-changed our schools, and put our environment and our national security at risk.

He’s more interested in catering to Washington insiders, defending Putin and Russia, or doing President Trump’s bidding on dangerous policies that make things tougher for families here and weaken our future.

I’ve dedicated my life to using medical science to save and improve lives — but in Congress, medicine and science have been pushed to the side in favor of partisan political games. Politicians like Dana Rohrabacher have used the broken system for their own gain for far too long. We’re not his priority and we need someone new.

I believe our elected leaders should rely on facts to guide policy. I’m not daunted by large obstacles. I’ve launched and managed companies, developed treatments for previously un-treatable diseases and been held accountable for my actions. We need more of that to change Washington and I intend to use Congress as a platform to improve even more lives.