California Democratic Party

“The California Democratic Party is proud to support Hans Keirstead, in part because he is running a positive campaign focused on connecting with voters, not using scorched-earth tactics. He spent his career developing many life-saving treatments. We need leaders like Hans Keirstead in Congress. I know he will serve the people of the 48th District, I am proud to fight for him.” – Eric C. Bauman, CA Democratic Party, Chair


Rep. Jerry McNerney (CA-9)

“I am pleased to endorse Dr. Hans Keirstead for Congress. Hans has dedicated his life to helping people through scientific innovation, first as a professor at the UC-Irvine, and then as a businessman, inventing breakthrough treatments for illnesses including late-stage cancers, multiple sclerosis, and ALS. Hans has spent his career conquering challenges that were deemed impossible, and that’s why I know that he will bridge the gridlock in Washington to put the needs of Orange County first over partisan politics.”


Bob Klein – Patient Advocate, Chief Author of Prop 71, Attorney

“As a stem cell proponent involved in the political process, I know there’s a deficit among our elected leaders with a deep understanding of the healthcare industry. When I needed help with the Yes on 71 campaign, Hans Keirstead stood up.  He worked tirelessly, traveled all over California and engaged with people in the community to explain why stem cell research is so important.  Thanks to him, we were successful.  I know from personal experience that Hans gets the job done. And now, when the 48th District needs a representative who looks out for their interests, Hans has once again stood up to lead.  I am proud to stand with him, Hans is the kind of leader we need in California.”