This is a healthcare and economic issue.

Working mothers are the primary breadwinners in over 40 percent of America’s families. I was raised by a single mother, and know we can do more to address the struggles that still exist for women and hard-working American families.

We need to support reproductive rights.  At my company, I have developed medical treatments that have helped thousands of women. One of those, a treatment for ovarian cancer, is currently undergoing clinical trials.

  1. Reproductive rights: I pledge to fight to ensure women are able to make decisions about their own bodies. We must support organizations like Planned Parenthood, which provide so many valuable health services (for women and men).
  2. Pay: It is unacceptable that women make only 80 cents for every dollar earned by men.  We need to strengthen protections from sexual harassment, and retaliation. I will fight for a fair workplace that includes equal pay for equal work, providing proper tools wage discrimination.
  3. Work/Life Balance: As a serial entrepreneur and employer, I’ve worked to promote a good work/life balance for all of my employees.  The U.S. is one of the few industrialized countries that does not guarantee paid leave, nearly one-third of private sector workers in this country do not have a single paid sick day. I support expanding Paid Family Leave and Paid Sick Leave.
  4. Child Care: Today, child care is a necessity for most families with young children because households need two incomes to pay all the bills. The current child care tax credit is not enough in helping make child care more affordable.  In Congress, I will work towards affordable and accessible child care, better funding of child care programs, and expanding the child care tax credit.