I am a strong supporter of marriage equality. Fairness and equal treatment are fundamental rights and I have always believed you should be able to choose your own life partner. The day in 2015 that the Supreme Court’s decision in the Obergefell case was announced, striking down prohibitions on same sex marriage, I was so happy for the millions of people in our country who would no longer be treated as second class citizens in the eyes of the law. They now have the ability to make the same emotional commitment with the legal protection and benefits enjoyed by heterosexual couples. Exactly the way it should be.  

But achieving legal same sex marriage does not mean we have reached equality in America for LGTBQ individuals. We must still protect the opportunity for LGBTQ Americans to serve our country in the military and pass strong protections against employment discrimination and other forms of discrimination.

Our diversity is what makes us who we are, I will be a strong advocate for everyone in our community.