I have spent my entire life working in the science, medicine, and healthcare sectors. All my policy positions on healthcare stem from the philosophy that healthcare is a basic human right and one that was included when our nation’s forefathers founded this country with the unalienable rights of our citizens to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

The most logical system that supports that philosophy is Medicare For All – but in order to achieve this, we need to improve upon our current healthcare system. I propose three major reforms that we can do in the short-term to help accomplish this goal:

  1. Pricing Transparency. Healthcare providers have no responsibility to inform patients of the pricing options of their healthcare – this needs to change. Providing patients with pricing options will drive down the cost of premiums and cut medical bill costs.
  2. Medical Records Reforms. The average American will change their healthcare coverage 8-10 times during their lifetime. Requiring all companies to use the same medical records data systems will streamline the transfer of information between insurance companies and remove the need for doctors to require costly reexaminations of patients, leading to lower costs and lower premiums.
  3. Cutting Prescription Drug Costs. We must allow prescription drugs to be sold in the U.S. from countries like Canada and crack down on any price-gouging tactics that drug companies use. Additionally, we need to remove any delays for generic versions of drugs. I am not afraid of taking on drug companies and I will fight to allow Medicare to negotiate lower prescription drug prices.

If we focus on these short-term goals that will streamline the system we already have, drive down costs, and increase access it will create a stronger argument for the American public to support Medicare For All.