Elected Officials

Rep. Jerry McNerney (CA-9)

“I am pleased to endorse Dr. Hans Keirstead for Congress. Hans has dedicated his life to helping people through scientific innovation, first as a professor at the UC-Irvine, and then as a businessman, inventing breakthrough treatments for illnesses including late-stage cancers, multiple sclerosis, and ALS. Hans has spent his career conquering challenges that were deemed impossible, and that’s why I know that he will bridge the gridlock in Washington to put the needs of Orange County first over partisan politics.”

Rep. Bill Foster (IL-11)

“As a scientist myself, I know Dr. Hans Keirstead possesses a fact-based, analytical approach to problem
solving because he has used it his entire career to create groundbreaking medical treatments that have
saved countless lives. I also see firsthand how the rhetoric from both Donald Trump and Dana Rohrabacher divides the country and impedes practical solutions for healthcare, job opportunities, and climate change that would help the American people. Washington needs someone whose priority is solutions not politics. I’m proud to stand with Dr. Hans Keirstead and wholeheartedly support his campaign for the 48th Congressional District.”

State Senator Bill Dodd – California’s 3rd District

“In the California Senate I have made it my mission to ensure that our public schools are properly funded and that all college students have the opportunity to graduate with minimal, if any debt at all. Hans has made access to quality, affordable education a top priority of his and we need a champion like Hans with his experience in the education system to follow through with these policies in Congress. I’m excited to announce my support for Dr. Hans Keirstead’s campaign in the 48th Congressional District. Hans has dedicated his life to improving the lives of others and will continue to do that as a Congressman. I’m proud to stand with him.”

Councilman Ross Chun – City of Aliso Viejo

“Dr. Hans Keirstead is a successful businessman, an accomplished medical professional and a renowned scientist. His professional achievements cannot be overlooked, however it is his dedication to the public good that I admire most, because it is this driving force that has led to his success in all areas, and why he is most qualified to represent us in Congress. Dr. Keirstead is not a politician, but a community leader who has demonstrated an exceptional ability to bring practical solutions to lawmakers in Washington DC throughout his career of developing lifesaving and life changing medical advancements.

I am proud to endorse Dr. Hans Keirstead for Congress in the 48th district, and look forward to his work contributing to solutions that serve his constituents, and leading new efforts to improve the lives of the communities he will represent.”

Councilwoman Melissa Fox – City of Irvine

“I am delighted to be an early endorser of Dr. Hans Keirstead for Congress. Hans is a pioneering scientist, dedicated educator, and an innovative and successful business entrepreneur. Hans will be the member of Congress that Orange County and the 48th congressional district need to become even more successful and dynamic in the 21st century.”


Teamsters Joint Council #42

“As Teamsters, we represent hard-working men and women who are concerned about their healthcare, good-paying jobs, and education. Hans is the experienced, compassionate and dedicated public servant they need to fight for them in Congress. The Teamsters are proud to stand with Dr. Hans Keirstead.” – Randy Cammack, President, Teamsters Joint Council #42

314 Action – Pro-Science Advocacy Organization Committed to Electing Scientists and STEM Professionals to Public Office

“I am proud to announce 314 Action’s endorsement of Dr. Hans Keirstead for Congress. Hans is an innovator and scientist who has dedicated his career to saving and improving people’s lives. As a scientist he understands the consequences of ignoring facts. As an innovator he has led research teams to discover life saving treatments from spinal cord injuries to cures for cancer. Hans has proven throughout his career that public health and bettering man’s quality of life through science are his life’s work. That’s why 314 Action is supporting Hans — because his experience and perspective are needed in Congress.” – Shaughnessy Naughton, 314 Action Founder and President

Community and Business Leaders

Wylie Aitken – Attorney, Philanthropist, Democratic Supporter

“I’ve admired Dr. Hans Keirstead’s approach to tackling large scale problems his whole career. First as a Professor at UC Irvine, where he built the Sue and Bill Gross Stem-Cell Research Center and then as a scientist-entrepreneur inventing a successful treatment for patients with late-stage cancer. The people of the 48th District deserve a representative who goes to work every day with one priority on his or her mind and that is, “What can I do today to improve the quality of life of the people of Orange County?” I know Hans will be that representative.”

Florice Hoffman, CDP Region 17 Director

“I’m excited to support Dr. Hans Keirstead for Congress. Throughout his career he has shown his ability to think outside of the box to develop solutions to complex problems, like spinal cord injury and ovarian cancer. Hans will use this same approach to solve our nation’s problems: creating jobs, supporting workers’ rights, making education and healthcare affordable and accessible for all Americans. He will make a great Congressman for the 48th District.”

Bob Klein – Patient Advocate, Chief Author of Prop 71, Attorney

“As a stem cell proponent involved in the political process, I know there’s a deficit among our elected leaders with a deep understanding of the healthcare industry. When I needed help with the Yes on 71 campaign, Hans Keirstead stood up.  He worked tirelessly, traveled all over California and engaged with people in the community to explain why stem cell research is so important.  Thanks to him, we were successful.  I know from personal experience that Hans gets the job done. And now, when the 48th District needs a representative who looks out for their interests, Hans has once again stood up to lead.  I am proud to stand with him, Hans is the kind of leader we need in California.”

Shirley Dettloff – Former Huntington Beach Mayor and California Coastal Commissioner

“Hans Keirstead has dedicated himself to helping people in need, his work developing life-saving treatments is inspiring. We need leaders who truly represent our community and put policy before politics. In a coastal district, we need a representative who will protect our environment for future generations. Having served on the CA Coastal Commission, I know what that will take. Hans Keirstead is the pro-environment candidate  we need in the 48th District! I am proud to support his campaign.”

Jess Araujo – Attorney, Community Activist

“Hans Keirstead is by far the best person to represent the 48th District. I am impressed by his approach to, his success in, solving complex problems. His dedication to improving the lives of those around him, and his intricate and extensive knowledge of the healthcare industry will serve the district and our country well. I am excited to support his Congressional campaign.”

Roman Reed – Philanthropist, Stem Cell Activist, President, Roman Reed Foundation

“Dr. Hans Keirstead is the best person to have in Washington because he understands the ins and outs of the healthcare system from his work in medicine, and biotechnology. Having worked with Dr. Keirstead for over 20 years and funded his America’s 1st FDA Approved Human Clinical Trials with hESC Stem Cell Research, I know that there is no better scientific mind in America. It is time for science and facts to matter again. It is time for us to have leaders in Washington D.C. who will bring people together – not divide us – to solve our nation’s problems, that is why I urge you to support Hans Keirstead for US Congress!”

Dr. Michael Gottfredson – Provost & Executive Vice-Chancellor, University of California, Irvine

“I am enthusiastic about supporting Dr. Hans Keirstead. A visionary leader and scientist, he has dedicated  his life and career to helping others by developing innovative medical treatments and by teaching and mentoring students. He thinks hard and carefully about our future. He knows how to be both strategic and resourceful and get results. That is precisely the leadership we need from our elected officials.  He will make the people of the 48th Congressional district proud.”

Dr. Wise Young – W. M. Keck Center for Collaborative Neuroscience, Founding Director

“I have known Hans Keirstead for many years. I’ve seen firsthand his commitment to improving the lives of so many people around him. Hans is not afraid of tackling complex problems, like paralysis, or even Ovarian cancer. Thanks to Hans, individuals who were paralyzed have regained motor skills. Just like with these previously un-treatable medical conditions, Hans can and will tackle the dysfunction in Washington D.C. He will reach across the aisle, work with everyone willing to address our nation’s challenges. I am excited to endorse his campaign for the 48th Congressional District.”

Anthony Davies, Ph.D. – Founder & CEO, Dark Horse Consulting

“As a fellow biotech entrepreneur, I know just how much of a need there is for more scientists with business experience like Hans’s in Congress. His skill in navigating intricate issues through complex environments, candor in working directly with one’s competitors, and sheer ability to close a deal is the approach we need in Washington. Dr. Keirstead is the candidate who can get that done.”